About Luís Farinha Gonçalves

Farinha Gonçalves is the founder and craftsman of the "Farinha Gonçalves" miniature porcelain workshop.

Studied product design in high school and finished his academic journey by enrolling in a ceramic design specialization course in the university. After his graduation, in 2008 he co-founded a jewellery brand where porcelain was mixed with precious metals.

Being a perfectionist his jewel production quality was noticed by other companies that soon requested him to start suppling them with his porcelain quality. From then on he have been focusing his work in supplying other companies with his best handmade porcelain craftsmanship.

About his values

Craftsmanship – Humanize products by valuing manual production practices.

Quality – Offer production excellence in order to obtain a final product of superior quality.

Sustainability – To offer products and services with the least possible impact on the environment and society.

Honesty – Ensuring trust through professional confidentiality.

More about Farinha Gonçalves

Farinha Gonçalves main focus is custom-made projects for the fashion cluster. Wanting more than heartless consumption, he looks for a slow fashion approach where small production series are possible for his clients in order to avoid excess production.