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Portuguese Handmade Porcelain

The porcelain workshop offers customers higher quality handmade miniature porcelain to incorporate into their designs, honoring their project by exploring the porcelain potential to be crafted into the smallest size without losing detail or finishing quality.

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Farinha Gonçalves Miniature Porcelain Workshop

The Porcelain Workshop was founded in 2022, but Farinha Gonçalves have been working with miniature porcelain for more than 14 years.
Today he keeps working only in miniature porcelain for the fashion sectors like jewellery, clothing, shoes and accessories supplying mostly companies of Europe.

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Shapes and colours

Have been specializing his work in miniature porcelain for more than fourteen years, he´s able to supply you with a wide range of shapes from simple flat shapes to more organic and volumetric, from glazed to non glazed porcelain and from white or coloured porcelain. All to adjust your project to the trends in season.

The one thing that is certain is the miniature size.

Let him know how can he help you by sending him your ideas.

How work is done

Farinha Gonçalves works with high craftsmanship standards where you always receive the same quality regardless of quantity. Strives also for reliability so you can manage your work when agreed with a deadline and with confidentiality so you know that your project is safe.

By hand
All the work crafted is made entirely by hand and quality control is present in every step of the crafting.
in small size
Since he begun his work have been specializing in small sized porcelain components with main focus to the fashion cluster (jewellery, clothing, shoes, bags, etc).
With Confidentiality
He has a strong respect for his clients confidentiality. From the first contact with him your project will be safe and this means you will not find any of your work shown online or somewhere else.
with respect
Being aware of the surrounding ecosystems, he incorporates sustainability strategies at all stages of production, thus minimizing the company's impact on the environment. Find his environmental impact here.

Work process

All my clients receive the same openess and enthusiatic approach to their projects. No matter how big or small their orders I will do my best so you can have the best results.  If  needed I will help you in all stages of your project before production in order for you to get the best results.

Design Evaluation
I will carefully assess your project and make the necessary adjustment recommendations without compromising your initial idea so I can skillfully handcraft your design into porcelain.
Setting the production
It takes knowledge and skill to make a perfect model and mould to reproduce an object. Executing a flawless model and mould of your project is crucial to attaining the ideal shape. Many times I need to be creative too to do so.
Porcelain craftsmanship
Production of the porcelain items take time and habillity. Each design is different and my hands have to adjust to each project individually. Aldought, If necessary one sample is produced for clients approval.
Applying Decoration
White porcelain in itself is classic and exquisite. However, if you wish, I can handcraft your design with a custom-made color of your choice and I can use decals or hand painting for the finishing details and embellishments.